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One of the most advanced and effective ways of passing exams flawlessly to make used of a wireless cheat earpiece set. Thanks to small size it (3x5x7mm) the earpiece cannot be seen by people around you. It is an incredibly smart device that allows students to pass any exam easily and trouble-free. Cheat earpiece is wireless and gets connected to your mobile phone or mp3 player by using special inductive neck loop and built-in microphone. Due to its small dimensions it gets fully hidden inside your ear so that nobody can see that you are getting secret assistance. Your partner is dictating you the necessary information from the outside the lecture room. You can hear his voice in your ear and write down the answers to your questions. You can easily talk to your partner via built-in microphone. Extremely compact and discreet the cheat earpiece gives the user complete freedom of movement. Static-free transmission ensures clear reception of voice communications. Price for 1 Cheat earpiece set + 10 cheat pens including free shipping


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60 $ tax incl.

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Main Features:

Comfortable for wearing
small, light, easy to use.
Long time battery life: 3-4 hours.
For covert communications such as exams, surveillance, studies, gambling, conferences, speeches etc.
How to use your cheat earpiece:
1. Put in the battery (2 batteries included)
2. Set neck loop set around your neck and connect to device - mobile phone, MP3 player or other device with 3,5mm jack
3. Close the battery case and put the earpiece in your ear.
4. Make connection with friend with answers to your questions.

What`s in the box?
Cheat earpiece
Inductive neck loop with microphone battery
3.5mm jack to connect mobile phone or mp3 player
User manual in English
cheat pen