New product

The Cheat pen is very helpful with every kind of in-class tests, exams and essays. Cheat pen looks like a regular pen only that it contains a smartly designed central plastic part, where you can hide your cheat sheets. It is very easy to use: just stick your cheat sheet in size 6 cm x 3 cm (2.35 x 1.2 inch) and text font 4 or less with sellotape in the central part of the pen. You can fill the note with up to half of A4 page text ! The pen is reusable. When you finish exam, you just peel off the text and stick the new one on. The plastic sleeve is rotatable in two directions and it has plastic part through which you can see the text. Pen comes in black or white color with blue ink. Price for 1 cheat pen including free shipping.

7 $ tax incl.